Hello. I'm Raj. I'm a portrait photographer. I like to take pictures of people. 
I also dabble in UX interfaces, Design and Visualisation. I co-founded www.prdxn.com, a digital agency based in Mumbai.
Born in Nuneaton, England where I spent my teenage life. I went on to study in London, backpacked around the world for a year, and worked in media for several years before moving to Mumbai, India in 2003. I travel to Europe often.
I love imagery. I love the raw emotion that it evokes. That frozen moment in time that is not seen when meeting someone in person. A moment that cannot be replicated, but shared and enjoyed over and over again by anyone. Capturing that moment is what turns me on and drives me to get behind the camera.
One of my goals is to show the beauty, grace, and strength of the people I take images of. I focus on non-models and situations that highlight an aspect of who they are. I look for a sense of truth, honesty and fortitude in my work.
You can contact me for commercial or personal work, or for any advice, tips and suggestions to help with your journey.
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